3'x5' Supreme Nylon American Flag

$45.00 each
"Embroidered Outdoor U.S. Flag
Our Embroidered Nylon U.S. flags are made out of DuPont SolarMax Nylon, a material created specifically for outdoor use. This ensures our US Embroidered Nylon flags are some of the toughest on the market, able to endure varied weather conditions, bright sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. In addition to being exceptionally tough, SolarMax Nylon is also very lightweight letting these flags fly in the gentlest breeze.

Our Embroidered Nylon U.S. Flags have these quality features:

Made from SolarMax nylon – some of the toughest nylon available
Densely embroidered stars – ensures a beautiful star field*
Sewn stripes – back stitched for added reinforcement
Fly hems – reinforced with 4 rows of lock-stitching
Poly-duck header– snowy white and impervious to harsh weather
2 solid brass grommets – rust resistant
Nylon Flags are best for:

States that receive lots of rain - nylon performs well in damp or maritime environments
Economical choice – nylon is more economical than 2-ply polyester
This Flag and all its parts were made proudly in the United States of America

Some US flag sizes are available with a gift box packaging.

*Densely embroidered brilliant white stars are standard on all US flag sizes including 12' X 18'. US Flags larger than 12' X 18' have appliqued nylon stars. Our largest US flags have additional lock-stitching for added reinforcement and durability. "

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United States

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